RaidnChill FAQ

Polite & Respectful

We expect members to be polite and respectful of others at all times. Absolutely no cussing, vulgarity, racism or hating will be tolerated.

If you log on to the internet so that you can be an anonymous jerk, then you won't be happy here. Please move on quietly... your smart parting remark is boring and quickly forgotten.

Be an Active Player

Ideally each clan member would donate and/or request at least 300 troop positions per month game cycle.

This number is only provided for illustration purposes, to provide clan members with some perspective - it is not a hard rule, or a single basis for kicking any member out of the clan.

An active clan is a happy one. However sometimes players stop playing, or play very rarely. With only 50 members per clan it is necessary sometimes to kick out inactive members.

Please don't take it personally... If you were in otherwise good standing and want to come back (and be active) - you are welcome to do so.

Donating Troops

Ideally ALL clan members would both donate and request the same amount of troops per monthly game cycle.


1. New clan members, lower experience level clan members, and less active clan members should expect to be more tightly managed with respect to requesting more troops than they donate.

2. Higher experience level clan members with larger clan castles, and very active clan members will be given somewhat more flexibility.

Giving higher level, and active players a little more room is both fair, and good for all players - they have the best troops to give and tend to give a lot of them.

No specific request/donate formulas or ratios will be stated here.

To ensure consistency and fairness, only the clan leader will issue warnings and possible kicking out of members who do not comply

Kicking out Members

All clan Elders and Co-leaders are authorized to kick out any member that violates the rules in the section above entitled 'Polite & Respectful' after giving a warning and directing the offender to the clan web site.

In the event, that the offender is just spouting offensive text and clearly intends to get kicked - no warning is required.

In order to ensure consistency and fairness all kicks related to activity and donating will only be done by clan leader.

Be a Valuable Player

While we would very much like to treat every player as a complete equal - let's not be naive:

A player with high level troops that donates a lot, and actively participates in the clan is going to be more valuable to the clan as a whole than someone who does less in these areas.

Therefore: If you are a lower level player with lower level troops you really need to make sure that you step it up... donate, be active, social and helpful, make sure you get your attacks in clan wars etc.

On the other hand... if you are a high level player please be humble, and don't expect special treatment - the fact is, you are already getting it.

Don't Request Troop Levels

This is a rude practice...

1. This is usually low level players demanding troops that they can't give back. They are essentially saying "my troops are not good enough for me but I will happily give them to you".

2. Everyone in our clan MUST donate regardless of the troops they have or they get kicked out. We WILL NOT have clan members afraid to donate to you and getting kicked out because you specified troop levels that they cannot meet.

3. Requesting troop levels also makes the highest level players in the clan responsible for filling your castle. Demanding troops that you can't give back annoys those very people... not very smart.

The high level players in our clan are very generous, and will give you great troops... you don't need to demand them.

Hopefully this gives you something to think about. We are trying to create a polite, cooperative community of players. Selfish/anti-social individuals usually do not last long in our clan.

Requesting Troop Types

Requesting specific troop types is kind of silly. It just restricts the number of people that will fill your castle... leaving you with an empty castle for longer than it might be otherwise... and an empty castle helps nobody.

It's understood that this not a popular point of view... so here is a compromise:

How about telling people what troops you really don't want. Doing this leaves the field open for all kinds of troops that you never even thought of. Maybe you discover some other troop type is really more awesome than you thought - and you wait around with an empty castle less.

It is expected that members will respect the troop types that are requested HOWEVER, It is also expected that members who do not get what they have asked for will not freak out about it.

If a member is unhappy about a troop type received they should politely and respectfully deal with the other person directly.

If the other member is unresponsive, or continues donate incorrect troop types they may request that the leader or a co-leader look into the matter.

Donate First?

While this is not actually a rule... jumping into a new clan and immediately requesting is also rude... it immediately annoys a lot of players... some may even kick you.