RaidnChill FAQ

Classic Noob Mistakes

Rushing (upgrading the town hall too fast)

Upgrading the town hall too fast is the single biggest mistake you can make.

We see lots of these poor souls with level 10 Town Halls but level 1 defenses.

These impatient noobs want those cool high level things but don't understand that as a result of this... the big dogs (the true high level players) are going to clobber them over and over again... often to the point that they just give up on the game.

You should max ALL your defensive buildings before moving to the next Town Hall level... yes it's boring and takes time... but it's the number one tip if you want to play this game for more than a few weeks.

Building Base at Edges

Building your base against a wall or corner because you think you can't be attacked from the edges... not true, you can. So maybe it's not that big a deal... except that you can't expand in those directions.

Build your base in the center of the board... there is very little benefit to building next to the edge.

Protecting the Unimportant

Walls are one of the most important defensive aspects of the game. They are in short supply and absolutely precious.

Protect Town Halls, Storages, and Defensive buildings behind walls.

DO NOT protect: Barracks, Spell Creation, Research, Builder huts, and yes.. even mines and elixir collectors.

NOTE: Mines and Elixir Collectors have little value as long as you collect them regularly. In the higher levels of the game it may be advisable to put some of them behind walls if you have the extra space. - This can make some people pass on your base if they know they have to get past a wall to get all your loot.

Wasting Wall Segments

Creating fancy designs, checker boarding, spelling things, or otherwise wasting wall segments.

If you are doing this you are favoring form over function - therefore you are not optimally using this important resource. Don't complain when you get creamed.

Note: Putting upgraded wall segments at wall joints is a valid technique as attacking units favor intersections... however checker boarding other parts of a base because it looks nice is just wasting upgraded wall segments.

Everything behind one Wall

Putting all the best stuff in a single central courtyard.

When you put all your best stuff in a single central courtyard an attack that penetrates it gets it all.

Make use of partition walls to slow down the enemy and limit what they can get from any single attack point.

As you gain more Storages, be sure to put them in separate partitioned areas and keep them far apart.

Doubling, Tripling walls.

This approach works ok in the early stages of the game when attackers are primarily using giants to break through walls.

However wall breakers use splash damage and can punch through several wall segments at a time.

The better approach is to make lots of partition walls.

Mortars not centered

Mortars deliver huge splash damage but are totally vulnerable to up close attack.

They have a very large attack range and should be placed as deep in the center of the base as possible to maximize this.

Forcing spawning further out

Pushing buildings that surround your base walls out by 1 or 2 segments to force spawning out farther is somewhat debatable.

The advantage of forcing attackers to spawn farther out is often completely mitigated by the fact that defenses are unable to kill off attackers while they are out of range and destroying these outer buildings. The delay advantage is often not worth it.

Pushing buildings out may be advisable in order to prevent clan castle troops from being lured out.

Castle troops for Attacking

The truth is that this game can be totally played with an empty castle. Because of the emphasis on donating in our clan we recommend you reserve castle troops for defense.

Players that rely on them for attacking go through more troops than they can donate... these are the guys that blame the clan for not requesting enough... usually just before we kick them out.

No excuses... if you can't donate enough, then you request less.

You are in total control of how much you donate and how much you request. Have a little discipline.

Lining up mines & collectors

Thanks so much for making it convenient to raid you with goblins. I can totally wipe out all your gold (using the Lazy Raiding Technique below) with the minimum number of goblins.

Make your base a hassle to attack. If you focus on pretty looking, and orderly, you may be making things easy for attackers.

Pushing buildings to edges

All unimportant buildings should be used around your base to slow down attackers. Pushing them off to the edges just wastes them and allows attackers to get even further into your base to destroy your important buildings.

Note: Some players like to put one building into each corner of the playing board in the hope that an attacker will miss them, and they will be able to run out the clock before getting a 100% loss.

This strategy works better at TH8 and below. It is used much less at higher levels where there are so many more troops.

Farming vs Trophy Hunting

Farming is when you attack for the primary purpose of gaining resources: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir.

Trophy Hunting is when you attack for the primary purpose of winning trophies.

Of course it's also possible to do both at the same time.

Farming is the fastest route to getting the resources that you need to pay for the upgrades that move you through the game.

Trophy Hunting gives you an idea of your skill with the troops you have at the moment. However, it's a very slow way to progress through the game - as you tend to acquire resources more slowly (they are secondary to obtaining the trophies).

While Trophy Hunting can be fun as a short term metric of your skill level - I recommend Farming most of the time to obtain the upgrades to progress through the game.

This game is a lot about big fish eating little fish... the faster you get big... the less you get eaten.

What Should I Upgrade?

For defensive buildings I recommend:

1. Walls (Yes it takes a long time but it's worth it).

2. Air Defense. (important at TH7 and 8)

3. Splash Damage buildings: Mortars, Wizard Towers.

4. Archer Towers.

5. Cannons.

What about Teslas, Cross Bows, Inferno Towers, Eagle Artilary? These are the BIG defenses of TH8-11. To reduce war weight and improve war match ups we strongly recommend upgrading these LAST. Doing so will make you a valuable addition to war clans that understand its importance.

For Farming Troops:

Farming is about making a profit on the resources you raid. Which is the amount you gain in a raid minus what the troops you used cost.

Therefore farming troops should be the cheapest troops that will get the job done. Farming with pekkas is not only dumb... its like fishing with dynamite.

For War and Trophy Pushing Troops

As you progress through the levels of the game, the bases you attack will also increase and have different defenses. So you will always be using troop types and strategies that work at the current level while you upgrade troops for the next level.

TH7 to mid TH8 is primarily dragons with balloons, lightning spell (with a max quake when you can get it dontated)

Mid TH8 through TH9 is primarily 3 star attack strategies: Golems, Hogs, Valks, Wizards on the ground and Lava Dogs with Balloons in the air. More use of Heal and Rage spells.

TH10 and up really changes things with Inferno towers. New troops like Bowlers and Miners show up and there is more use of Jump and Quad Quake spells to deal with walls. Hogs and heal spells are used much less at these levels as inferno damage cannot be healed and hogs need the heal to survive the raid.

Attack Strategies

Basic Attack Strategy

These tips are general and apply to any other attack strategy you may use:

1. Take a moment to look for possible bomb and trap placement - make sure you are not going to blast your opponent with your best troops only to have most of them taken out before you even get started.

Remember to test suspected areas with one or two troops before sending in a whole wave.

2. Look for the location of the Clan Castle and Heroes. Triggering them by placing a few troops in their visibility radius and then leading them to a corner and killing them off is what all the advanced players do FIRST. Note: Heroes will no longer leave the area defined by their platform - if the platform is located central to the base luring them may not be possible.

Giants work really well for luring troops because they have high hit points and will walk right past non defensive buildings to get closer to the base.

Note: if an opponent's base is well designed you may not be able to lure them out. This may be a sign you want to bypass the base and find an easier one.

3. Study the path your troops will take in advance. Knowing the game AI behavior for each type of troop is very helpful when executing an attack.

This is particularly important for defense-led troops (Giants, Hogs, Balloons) and very important for where you will lay down your spells.

4. In TH7-8 use Lightning spell at the beginning of an attack to take out key defenses.

Look for places where defenses are side by side so you may get 2 destroyed for the price of one.

Also use lightning for killing off clan castle troops - but make sure you get them all out of the castle first and sitting still in a corner somewhere first.

5. Improve your game play by studying your own attacks, reading the COC forums, and familiarize yourself with common base designs and their weaknesses.

Save a Few Archers or Minions

This is such a simple but powerful strategy that can get you to 50 percent when you come up short and can be used with any other attack strategy.

Simply examine the base to be attacked for places where there are no defenses covering buildings and then save a few archers for the end of your attack and use them pick off the last remaining buildings.

This strategy may be best used with other strategies that do not otherwise use archers so that you don't accidentally deploy them during your main attack. It is also strongly recommended that you save this for the end rather than the beginning of the attack.

Minions can be particularly useful when there are outside buildings still defended by ground defenses but not air defenses.

Luring Clan Castle Troops

Clan Castle troops are perhaps the strongest defense in the game. Given that bases in Clan Wars are almost always loaded with the very best troops that a clan has - its particularly important that any attack strategy has a plan to deal with them. The classic strategy is to first lure clan castle troops into a corner - out of range of a base's defensive buildings and then kill them off with troops or a lightning spell.

Luring is often done with Giants because they will walk past regular buildings and have relatively high hit points to survive some defensive hits long enough to trigger all the castle troops out. Sometimes Castles are deeply centered inside bases and hogs or balloons are used to get deeper into the base to trigger them.

Once in the corner, walking the troops back and forth can cause them to bunch up - making them easy to kill off with a lightning spell. Using a witch is also common to distract the troops while wizards or archers can kill them off.

Punching through Clan Castle Troops

If you decide not to lure Clan Castle troops... it is important to make sure that you attack through them early. You don't want to find yourself in the core of a base battling castle troops while being picked off by defensive buildings.

The key is make sure you are attacking such that the Clan Castle is in front or beside the Town Hall. You don't want the Clan Castle behind the Town Hall or so far away that the castle troops come out while you are in the core of the base.

When punching through castle troops its always good to have the bulk of your army attacking them within a Rage and a Healing spell. This will give them the best chance to punch through.

Funneling - Guiding Troops to the target

While there is no way to explicitly point troops to a target, there are techniques that will improve your chances.

1. Using a small number of troops in the early stages to punch holes to the left and right of your main attack may allow you to use the game AI to your advantage. This is often done to break anti hog rings, or otherwise influence defense led troops like Giants, Balloons, Hogs and Golems.

2a. Clearing buildings outside of walls in your main deployment area to influence the AI and stop your troops from walking around the outside of the base. This is critically important for troops like Pekkas, Dragons, and Wizards. These troops simply attack the closest building - which is often to the left or right.

2b. Also be careful not to clear buildings too deeply into the base before releasing these troops. You may be shocked to find that even though you clear the buildings to the left and right... that the nearest building is still to the left or right of where you deploy them.

Using Meat Shields / Tanking

A common attack strategy is to first lay down troops with high hit points (Giants, Golems, Dragons)... followed shortly after by ranged troops (Archers, Minions, Wizards).

Enemy defenses will initially lock on to the high hit point troops and keep them busy while the lower hit point - ranged troops can take them out.

This technique can be even more effective if mortars are taken out first by lightning spell.

The Lazy Raiding (Farming) Technique

Most players try to pierce a base to it's central core and get to the storages.

The Lazy Raiding Technique focuses on those bases that have not been played for a while and most of the gold is in the collectors.

The trick is to figure out which bases have most of the resources in them.

Assuming you are after gold... Here is how:

1. Look for more than 100k available gold.

2. Look for collectors with gold spilling over into the collection box.

3. Look for maximum upgraded mines.

4. Empty gold storages.

5. Graves from previous attacks still showing. (totally optional)

6. All or most mines around the outside of walls are easy to access with goblins.

7. Prefer situations where you can 1 star the base by getting 50% of the buildings.

It is not necessary that every one of the 7 points above is perfect... but the more of them the better. It is important that you take the time, and have the patience, to view a lot of prospective bases before attacking.

Using an army of goblins, barbs, archers, (and minions if you got em):

1. Clean up the readily accessible mines with goblins.

2. Take out surrounding buildings with cheap barbs.

3. Use remaining archers and or minions to get any mines behind walls and try to 50% the base.

The Hog/Healing Spell.

The hog healer attack uses primarily hogs with all healing spells to allow them to run as long as possible destroying enemy defensive buildings and hopefully after all defenses are gone... enough are left over to finish the base.

The risk of this strategy is that it is often an ALL or NOTHING attack... you either get zero or one star, or you get all 3.

Quickly study the base for a good entry point and think through where the hogs will go... look for anti hog bases and avoid them (or plan for them) - see the description of the Ringus base to know what to look for.

Look for places in the base where double "big bombs" are and be ready for them. Pick your entry point carefully so you don't deploy on them.

1. Start by luring clan castle troops with 1 or 2 giants and killing them off in a corner with archers. (if you can get the heroes even better)

2. Deploy hogs and be ready to deploy healing spells.

3. Timing of deploying healing spells is critical. Hog attacks run very fast so try to be calm and don't deploy them all too fast.

I prefer to deploy them more in a zone way, than trying to guess where hogs will go - but its really a combination of both zone and where they run... and where defenses tend to clump up.

Don't be afraid to let them run for a second or two outside of a healing spell. You want the hogs to spend maximum time in the spell circle and sometimes that means you will want to wait for them to get to a clumping of defenses.


* Don't use Rage spell... hogs move way too fast and will run right out of it.

* You may want to deploy hogs in 2 groups. Half first, let them run with half your spells, then the other half deployed where most of the remaining defenses are.

*Low level hogs have very low hit points. Many players prefer to use them only after they have reached at least level 4. If you are not having success, consider trying again after you have some upgrades.

*Most Hog strategies strongly recommend killing the Archer Queen before releasing hogs.

The Balloon/Minion Attack.

This attack is often called Balloonion. It uses rage or healing spells, 2 dragons as meat shields, a large number of balloons (18 to 24), and the rest minions.

1. Pick your attack location. Recommend choosing an attack area no larger than 1 full side of a base to concentrate the attack.

2. Release 3 or 4 minions spaced out to flush out any air mines and wait a second.

3. Release 2 dragons evenly spaced over your attack area and wait a second for defenses to lock on to them.

4. Quickly release half of the minions, immediately followed by all balloons, and then 2 spells (spaced out) to cover the initial attack area.

5. Immediately release the remaining minions.

6. Follow the battle as it progresses and release remaining spells as needed.


* Rage spells work well for balloons because they are such a slow attacker, but healing is also a good option... really your preference.

* If you are trying to snipe the Town Hall you may choose to release heroes right after step 5 on the attack side... If you wish to just get maximum buildings you may choose to deploy heroes on the opposite side of the base, or where maximum other buildings are.

Mass Dragon Attack.

This section is not a specific strategy but more a list of recommended DOES and DON'TS.

1. DO have a strategy, DON'T just deploy and pray.

Most dragon attacks have a tendency to be brute force - where the attacker drops all dragons at one location (often with rage spells) and hopes that the dragons are going to go where they want. AND THEY ALMOST NEVER DO.

2. DO understand that Air Defense are dragon killers. If your strategy does not deal with them you will most likely fail.

Using a combination of lightning to destroy central Air Defense, and ranged troops to deal with foolishly placed outer Air Defenses is our recommendation.

3. DON'T drop all dragons in one place and DON'T spread them out too much either.

If dragons are deploying all in one place and they decide to go somewhere crazy... they will probably all go there together.

You may also choose to drop them in smaller groups at different locations.

4. DO deploy dragons as close to remaining Air Defenses as possible so that hopefully they will overwhelm them and take them out quickly.


* Rage spells work well for dragons because they are such a slow moving attacker.

* Understand the game AI. Dragons attack the next nearest target (often to the left or right) - Creating a good funnel is critical.

* Rather than using ALL dragons (brute force), try a few balloons tanked behind your dragons.

* Always scan for builder huts or other trash buildings hiding in corners. Its good to clear them on the way to your target first.

Giant/Healer Attack.

This is a classic attack strategy - usually for Town Hall levels 8 and below.

It is not a specific strategy but a list of ideas to consider.

1. Players often use Giants AS wall breakers instead of WITH them.

Consider making a couple wall breakers to at least break through the outer wall of a base to get you inside quicker. But release wall breakers shortly after a couple Giants so that they are tanked by them.

2. Understand that Giants are defense led troops and have an idea where they are going to go before you deploy them.

3. Consider the location of all Air Defense, Archer Tower, and Wizard Tower defenses before deploying Healer.

Have some ranged troops with you to destroy any of these buildings that may take out your Healer too early first.

Deploy your Healers once you think they will stay safely out of range of these types of defenses.


* Rage spells work well for Giants because they are such a slow moving attacker, but healing is also a good option... really your preference.

* Because Giants are so slow moving it is probably advisable to include some faster troops to clean up. Goblins are always a good pairing with a defense led troop because they are free to clean up resources quickly once the defenses are down.

Gowipe Attack.

This is a classic 2 star attack strategy - usually for Town Hall levels 9 and above. It is NOT recommend or desired in wars as there are better 3 star strategies out there.

This strategy uses Golems as meat shields, and Pekkas for base penetration and further meat shield, followed by Wizards to clean up.

Like other strategies there are many ways to do it and this guide covers the major things to consider.

Suggested Recipe (varies depending on upgrade level): 2 Golems, 4 Pekkas, remaining Wizards. Spells 2 Freeze, 2 Rage, 1 Heal. Freeze spells are particularly necessary when attacking bases with inferno towers.

1. Make a hole to prevent your pekkas from walking (soooo important and often not done)

First deploy 2 golems with some distance between them followed immediately by 3 or 4 wizards behind each golem. Wait a couple seconds for these troops to clear buildings outside of the walls to the left and right of where your pekkas will be deployed.

Ideally you still want to have some buildings outside the walls in the center so that pekkas will attack in a straight line toward the center of the base. Pekkas will attack the nearest target, and you want that target to be in a straight line to the core of the base - not walking to the left or right.

2. Deploy all pekkas in the center (between where you deployed the Golems) as close to the walls as possible, followed immediately by all wizards - then deploy healing spell to help wizards live longer and a rage spell to point your troops to where you want them to go (typically the center where the town hall is).

Its important that all of the steps in point 2 are done fairly close together. Waiting too long to deploy the spells may cause your wizards to die before they can do much damage, or your pekkas to go where you don't want them.

3. Deploy freeze spells only when major defenses like infernos lock on to your troops and deploy the second rage spell when needed to continue attracting troops to the core of the base.


* As always, pay special attention to timing and sequence. It is really critical to making this attack work.

* Pekkas love to walk. Creating the hole is critical to the success of this strategy.

* Golems are defense led troops. Pay attention to your entry point. any defenses outside walls will attract them to places you may not intend and ruin your attack.

* Common variations are: 1. include a few wall breakers to break a hole in the outer wall (after golems are deployed). 2. Rather than deploying wizards left and right of the main attack... simply running a line of wizards between the two golems (it is still vitally important, that all outer buildings are down before deploying pekkas).

Attacking Mistakes (Anti-Strategies).

This strategy section would not be complete if we did not cover the common things that poor attackers think are good ideas... but really aren't.

Noah's Ark: This is the idea that putting every (or almost every) type troop you have into a single attack is a strategy. This is a really terrible idea and tells every experienced player that you really have no idea what you are doing. This is a deploy... and pray that good things happen idea - and it almost never works.

Brute force Mass Dragon: Here is another deploy and pray strategy. No thought is given to Air Defense or Archer Queen, or clan castle troops... just load up every single dragon you can and deploy them. 9 out of 10 times this is a 1 star at best attack but the same people do it over and over again... STOP THE INSANITY!!!

Weakling Hogs: This is any mass hog attack with hogs less than level 3. Don't do it - they are way too fragile and will get killed before you can heal them - leading to tears and embarrassment.

Over Ambitious Hogs: This is any mass hog attack (regardless of level) on a TH9 or above. Understand that hog attacks tend to get 0, 1 or 3 stars... so you either completely wipe the base, or the best you can expect is 1 star. Hogs are awesome for wiping TH8 and below bases. Its not impossible to wipe a TH9, but its not likely either. *** Note: this item refers to ALL hog attacks... there are strategies for hogging TH9s that can be very effective - See the OneHive chapter for details.

Air and Ground Troops Don't Mix: Do one or the other... never both. Doing both just exposes you to every trap in the base... and that's really poor thinking. The exception to this is when you are using an Air or Ground troop for a specific purpose: Like a balloon's crash damage to kill lured castle troops, or a hog to lure castle troops, or take out an Air Defense just prior to an over all air attack.

Knife to a Gun Fight: Bringing farming troops like barch, or leaving your heroes and spells at home when you come to war is the kind of thing that will get you kicked from the clan.

Ring around the Rosie Deploying every troop in a circle around a base (often barch troops) is a variation of the "Knife to a Gun Fight" described above. It shows everyone that you have no idea what you are doing. Don't do it.

Defense Strategies and Base Design.

Base Design 101

A lot has been written in many places about COC base design. This section will just go over some of the key considerations when designing a base. Much of this material is also covered in the chapter 'Classic Noob Mistakes'.

1. Decide whether the design is for war, or farming, or trophy hunting. This will affect design decisions.

2. Decide whether your goal is to prevent 1-2 stars or 3. In wars, TH9 and below tend to be completely cleared of all stars. Anti 3 star base designs tend to focus on not giving up that 3rd star. They tend to be spread out with defensive buildings not clumped around the town hall. The town hall is often not centralized either. Anti 2 star bases tend to centralize the town hall and focus lots of defensive buildings on it.

3. In an anti 2 star design, the single most central building in a base should be the clan castle. See the section below on 'Centralizing the Clan Castle'

Be aware that if you try to do both, you will probably not be doing either one the best that you can.

If you are farming, then Elixir, Gold and DE Storages (NOT COLLECTORS) are the most important buildings to you and should be central (hardest to attack) within your base.

If you are trophy hunting, then the Town Hall is the most important building and should be central (hardest to attack) within your base.

4. The next most important buildings are your defensive buildings... But of those defensive buildings Air Defense and Mortars should be the most central. Do not place these buildings where they can be easily reached from the outside with ranged troops.

Surround the Storages/Town Hall with Air Defense and Mortars, then surround those with your remaining defensive buildings... ALL within walls

5. Walls are one of the most important defensive aspects of the game.

Do not waste them surrounding unimportant buildings and use them to create many partitions within your base to slow down attackers and contain them while your defensive buildings can destroy them.

Do not double and triple walls... this is NOT effective against wall breakers. Partitioning is much more effective.

Do not waste walls by surrounding unimportant buildings with them: Mines and Elixir Collectors, Research, Builders Huts, Spell Creation, Barracks etc.

Surround your base (outside of the walls) with all your unimportant buildings to slow down attackers. Do not dump them off to the side to waste them.

6. Understand that this is just a basic list of general points. As you progress through the levels... both Town Hall and Trophy levels - the game changes and so do your strategies. For example: In TH7 to mid TH8 most attacks will be dragons - bases designed specifically to deal with dragons are common at those levels. As you move through TH8 base designs move to being more Anti Hog... etc.

7. If you still have doubts about base creation... check out the pre-made base designs in the section below.

Using Traps... Defensive Funneling

Defensive Funneling is when walls or buildings are used to guide attacking troops to bombs or spring traps.

This is effective because the game causes troops to take the easiest route to get to something that a troop will attack.

Leaving just a single hole in a wall and putting a bomb or spring trap there will ensure that attacking troops will walk right over it.

Putting a bomb or trap between two defensive buildings will also cause defense led troops to walk right over it.

Study the pre-made bases to spot all the ways they cause attacking troops to be funneled right into bombs and traps.

Centralizing the Clan Castle

It is believed by most advanced players that luring clan castle troops and Heroes out to the edges of the game where they are out of range of defenses and then killing them off is the first thing that should be done in any attack.

Therefore: the recommendation is to centralize your clan castle such that it's view radius cannot be triggered easily by an attacker without actually attacking and destroying any of your buildings.

For lower level players with fewer buildings and wall segments this may not be possible - but keep the tip in mind.

Pre-Made Base Designs.

There are pros and cons to using premade bases... if you are a bit of a noob and have no idea how to start making a good base they can be a great place to start. Particularly when it comes to learning the basics of base design. The downside is that attackers learn how to defeat bases that are popular and you can often find videos that will step you through how to defeat them.

A middle ground strategy is to take these designs and make small modifications such as moving big bomb and trap locations so that "smart" attackers are surprised and may path their troops or spells incorrectly.

Also keep in mind when reading the forums that you will always encounter posters with big egos that will claim they can beat a design, or that it is crap. Take this with a grain of salt... while any base can be beaten by a skilled (or lucky) player... talk on the internet is very cheap.

The bases below are a small selection taken from the Clash forums and are primarily Anti 3 star designs for use as clan war bases.

Dovahkiin - Anti Dragon for TH7 (scroll down)

Rorkes Drift - Anti 3 Star for TH8

Kyoukai - Anti Drag Anti Hogs Anti GoWiPe for TH8

Arkaines Valor Anti 3 Star for TH8.5

Brads Elite Anti 3 Star base for TH9

Triton Anti 3 Star for TH9

Shattered Stronghold Anti 3 Star for TH9.5

Multiple TH10 Designs

OneHive - Instructive Videos.

What/Where is OneHive?

OneHive is a very successful war clan that offers a lot of instructive videos to help players attack better. Their web address is: or you can search for OneHive on youtube as well.

The web site appears to have separated out their instructional videos from many of their other war analysis videos... so I would start with the web site.

Overview of their methods

Many of Onehive videos are very Hog and Balloon centric with Golems for ground tanking and Wizards and Witches for clean up.

Most of their videos are against TH9 or lower bases. Coverage of TH10 is very sparse and the narrator admits that 3 starring a strong TH10 base is pretty much impossible.

Lessons cover

  • Killing the AQ.
  • Attack Funneling
  • CC Luring
  • Dealing with double big bombs on hog attacks
  • Attack planning, sequence, timing
  • Selecting the type of base for a specific strategy
  • How to deploy troops i.e clumped versus spread out
  • Specific strategies for many common base designs

Some selected OneHive videos

Attacking with Hogs for TH8.
When to use Barbarian King's ability.
Using GoHo at TH9.
Surgical Hogs.
Using GoVaLo.
Using GoLoWiWi / GoLoWiPe.
Using HoLoWiwi.
DragLoon for TH8. (great example of funneling)
Using GoLaLoon / LavaLoon.
Using GoHoWiWi.

Final thoughts...

Keep in mind that learning techniques takes time and practice. OneHive has an impressive track record and these strategies clearly work.

When viewing videos you are usually watching selected examples of successful and well executed attacks... its easy to get the impression that certain strategies work every time but there are a lot of factors that go into successful attacks and even the pros get it wrong sometimes.

Getting 2 stars on a mid to high level TH10 should be considered a success.

The game is constantly changing... Dark Spells, the Hero API, Strengthening of bombs and buildings, new troop types etc... strategies come and go as a result of this.

Check this site out... its worth your time - And as their narrator would say..."You will suck less". ;)