RaidnChill FAQ

When Do We War?

We are currently warring back to back (constantly)... Preparation Day starts every other day at 6pm Pacific Time (GMT-8) (which is 9pm Eastern Time).

However, as each war is started it will be a bit later than the previous one and eventually the start time will be reset. So start time could be as late as 10pm Pacific Time (which is 1am Eastern Time)

Understand that no start time will work for every player. We hope that this range of start times will work most of the time, for most people.

We expect the following from every clan member that chooses to Opt/In to a war:

  • You use BOTH of your attacks.
  • You build your strongest army - no cheaping out on troops or spells.
  • You put ego aside, forget about loot, and focus on getting the maximum stars for your clan.
  • Low level players in the war get both attacks in early.
  • You follow the clan attack strategy outlined below

It is understood that people have real lives and responsibilities - but if you have chosen to Opt/IN to a war you are expected to be there for both attacks. Failing to do say may result in demotion or being kicked from the clan.

It is also understood that strong armies cost a lot of elixir and some members may have difficulty affording them - If that is the case... Opt/OUT of the war... no excuses.

Donating on Preparation Day

1. Donating on Preparation Day should be left to those with MAX level troops...

There is no need for any one person to do all the donating - so please donate only what you can really afford.

2. Please pay attention to... and respect) the troop type requested by each clan member.

Attack Strategy

First Attack.

Attack your mirror if there is a reasonable chance of getting 3 stars. Good judgment is key here.

If the attack on a mirror is not practical then it is treated like a second attack. Notify a coleader so we can tell people the base is available.

Second Attack. (WAIT!!!)

WAIT for players below to finish first attacks. DO NOT take second attacks away from people lower down that could clear a base.

No player should attack above their mirror unless no lower stars are available.

Additional points.

It is critical that lower players get attacks in early. People above are waiting.

If a player cannot wait, discuss the situation with a coleader.


If a player must attack out of strategy ALWAYS discuss it with a coleader. Coleaders will not unreasonably refuse a valid reason to go outside strategy.

Players that do not follow the above strategy are subject to demotion, being cut from war, and possible kicking from the clan.

War Base Design Strategy

1. Bases designed for clan wars... "War Bases" require a different strategy.

In a war base ONLY trophies/stars matter.

Resources - storages, and collectors are only useful in the sense that they have high hit points and can slow down attackers while defenses pound on them.

Move storages away from the center of your base so that you can take advantage them to slow down attackers and act as a buffer in front of your defenses. (I'm talking to you farmers out there).

2. Centralize your Town Hall. If you are used to kicking your town hall outside the walls... move it into the center of your base.

3. Centralize your Clan Castle to prevent luring.

4. We strongly urge players to consider using the pre-built bases described in the "Strategy and HOWTO" section of this web site.

5. TH8 and TH9 players should be using pre-built anti 3 star base designs.

Being Cut from War.

The game requires only even multiples of 5 players to go to war and that means it is often necessary to cut players.

In addition to the above requirement we will also cut players based on the following criteria and order:

  1. Players new to the clan - this makes sure hoppers that just joined to war are willing to stick around.
  2. Players that did not comlete both attacks in the last war will be both cut, and demoted to "Member". Players that are already "Member" will be kicked.
  3. Players that do not follow clan war strategy or show little to no attacking strategy.
  4. Finally the weakest players from the bottom of the list OR judgement of the person starting the war - until a multiple of 5 is reached.

*Note 1: These measures are not "punishment". We are simply making sure that the strongest players war while those who are cut are motivated to review their bases and attack strategies for the next war.

*Note 2: The above rules will always require some judgement and may not be perfectly applied to every war. If you are unhappy about being cut - thats understandable. Discuss it politely with the person that started the war and make any changes on the next war.

*Note 3: Players that insist on warring but are continually cut due to poor performance will eventually be kicked from the clan.